Who is Nicole Flood?

Nicole Flood

I believe that clothing has the ability to help us transcend the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies. By putting on certain clothing we can feel more confident, grounded and expressive of the true nature of our souls.

This is why I dedicate my life to manifesting clothing creation. Making clothing, designing things that push on our imaginations — stretching the limit of our comfort zones, yet being in touch with yourself every step of the way. The goal behind my clothing is looking and feeling at your highest form because you are comfortable and at ease with yourself.

I have never felt comfort in wearing the trendy or hottest fashion styles. Trends and being hip to fashion make me feel like I am pretending to be someone that I am not. For this reason, as early as I can remember I have put energy into setting myself outside the realm of chic — and into the realm of my own unique self-expression. As I grew older, I knew that if I felt this way, there would be many others who did too.

Fashion to me, is about being on the edge. A constant dance of listening to what fashion desires next. I believe that I make clothing for people who want to tell the story of themselves without words, but through the energy they give off when they are wearing something that resonates with their BEING.

My clothing and hats are tools that I create for people to find themselves feeling better in. Using 100% recycled materials is not just a sustainability factor for me — it helps me harness my creative nature and makes each piece one of a kind no matter what. It is wonderful to be at the whim of the second hand materials I find. I choose this craft because I love transformation. Both transforming old garments into new clothing and the transformation I see in people when they wear my work.

Thank you so much for being here and reading this. Thank you for your support of my company and for being an intentional soul on this planet.

*In dedication to both of my Grandmothers — I wouldn't be doing this without them!

My creations are my seeds.
You are the roots who take hold and support the growth of my Flood Tree.