Pink Trance

Pink Trance
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The Hive

The Hive hat was several years in the making, but finally it has become one of my most beloved creations ever! This hat looks really long until you put it on your head and realize that the super gathering on the side, combined with your head make this hat look just like its name, a little beehive! There are two main ways to rock this hat, the first being to let the excess drape toward the back of the head, like a beanie with a brim. The other way is to roll the excess of the hat into itself and create a fitted, textural hat. The Hive can be made in T-shirt and sweater weights and can come with the Debut, Ragga, Latch and Tab brims.

This is a one of kind hat made using 100% recycled cotton sweater and t-shirt. It is made in the Hive style and the side gathering is on the left. The main body and brim of this hat are made in the most creamy feeling sweater fabric! There is an all over floral print in hot pink, black and white that comes from the original sweater used to make it. The band and brim underside are in black t-shirt. All seams are professionally finished.

My creations are my seeds.
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