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Blush Grown
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Beretta — Recycled (Women's)

The Recycled Beretta

The Beretta is the very first Flood hat that has what I call, "The Full-Bodied Back." This means the hat has more of a slouchy look in the back and you can also tuck that untameable hair completely inside of it! The brim wraps just slightly more around the hat and is the longest of the brims. This hat is worn with the decor aligned with your temple and the excess of the hat slouched to the back. It also features various styles of décor including: the five petal flower (seen here), the sprout and other floral varieties.

This is a one of a kind hat made using 100% recycled sweater and t-shirt. It is made in the Beretta style and features the Admiral applique on the left side. The main body and brim top of this hat are made in a very deep maroon sweater. The band is in a very light pink t-shirt and the brim underside is in a deep magenta t-shirt. All seams are professionally finished.

*This is a bigger hat*

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