Bit O' Sun

Bit O' Sun
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The Flax

The Flax is the marriage of the Tab and the Rook. It has the sassy look of the Tab, but with the crown shape of the Rook. Great for throwing on and dressing up any look, you can also put your hair inside this hat. It is worn with the pin-back lined up at the temple, excess of the hat pushed to the back, and the brim lowered on one side. Featured in this example is the flower pin-back. The Flax hat can feature the button pin-back as well.

This is a one of a kind hat made using 100% recycled sweater and t-shirt. It is made in the Flax style and features the flower pin-back on the right side. The main body of the hat is in a very light yellow cotton sweater. The band and brim underside are in a deeper, marigold colored t-shirt. All seams are professionally finished.

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