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Clouche – Recycled (Girls)

The Clouche

This hat is hand made with 100% recycled materials. It resembles the roaring 20's flapper hat the "Cloche." This hat is designed to be worn with the brim completely off to the side so that the designs on that hat line up with your temple. (It takes a minute to get used to it, but trust me, put the brim on sideways ladies!). These hats can be made in solid colors or various patterns that the original shirt/item had on it. It also features various styles of décor including: flowers, and leaves.

This is a one of a kind hat made using 100% recycled t-shirts. It is made in the Clouche style and features the three prong flower on the left side. The main body of the hat in an all-over black and white stripe print. The band and brim are in solid black. All seams are professionally finsihed.


Size: 3yrs.-8yrs.

My creations are my seeds.
You are the roots who take hold and support the growth of my Flood Tree.