Bumble Bounce

Bumble Bounce
Brand: Flood Clothing
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The Fiddle

This hat is the first Flood hat that can be described as "chic." The front body of the hat features ruching, which give this hat texture and a slightly elongated silhouette. All appliqué and décor styles can be applied to this hat. When wearing this hat you can lessen the "tall-look" by dragging the excess of the hat back with your hand.

This is a one of a kind hat made using 100% recycled polo shirt and t-shirts. It is made in the Fiddle style and features the crop circle applique on the right side of the hat. The main body of the hat is made in a striped polo shirt. The band is in a charcoal grey t-shirt and the brim underside in a matching yellow t-shirt. All seams are professionally finished.

My creations are my seeds.
You are the roots who take hold and support the growth of my Flood Tree.