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Nicole at Saturday MarketIf you have made it here it is because you have taken the time to explore a clothing and hat line that does not play within the realm of what is "IN" fashion right now, but simply clothing and hats that are "IN" alignment with your soul.

Flood Clothing doesn't exist as a way to be seen in the mainstream, it exists for those who like to flow with their own currents.

If you believe in neutralizing the waste of over-consumption on this planet, you have found a company who takes pride in using 100% recycled materials — thus revitalizing otherwise forgotten and wasted things. Sustainability isn't just based on using recycled materials, it's also about how the product is produced. Each piece from Flood Clothing is made one-at-a-time, by hand, and with LOVE in Portland, Oregon.

Flood Clothing is an invitation. An invitation to express your most authentic self by what you adorn your body with. I like to refer to my clothing line as "urban costuming." A step out of the realm of what is safe to wear or what everyone else around you is wearing; a dance into comfortable clothing that truly represents the playful nature of your spirit.

Everyday is a new opportunity to express how you feel about yourself and the world we live in by the "expression" of what you put on your body. Everyday that we wake up to take a living breath is a reason to celebrate life. Consider Flood Clothing your life celebration gear.

Flood News

Welcome to the 2015 Collection: RADIANCE

What happens when we give ourselves over to our most authentic voice of expression? We become RADIANT.

We radiate that we are in love with who we actually are. We radiate the joy in freedom of not holding back. We radiate confidence. When we act as our authentic selves, we are loving our beings to the highest degree.

This collection is an embodiment of this ideal. Welcome to the first glimpse of the 2015 Collection: RADIANCE. Pictured here is the first dress offering of the season, The Horizon Dress.

Things are well underway with this new collection which has been demanding its creation around the clock! We are about to kick off the season with our first show of the year in Bend, OR. Oregon Winterfest we will see you soon…

At the end of March you will find us in our beloved sister city Seattle at the Spring Best of the Northwest show. Please stay tuned on our facebook page for more pictures of the collection as it becomes complete. And find out where we will be next on our traveling shows page.

Hope you are doing amazingly well in your individual worlds… that you are finding your voice on a daily basis and using it to bring joy to yourself and others!!!

So much love!


We are here!

  • Flood Clothing Boutique Flood Clothing Boutique
    Flood Clothing Boutique

    If you are in SE Portland, you should come visit the real Flood Clothing Boutique!

    Finally open to the public you can find my shop located at:

    Here you will find the most current and freshest stock of Flood Clothing and hats. There are also specialty pieces and a little bin of discontinued treasures. You can take a tour of Flood Clothing studios to see how all the magic is made. This is a great option for people who want to have a custom creation built as the fabric room is attached to the boutique.

    To ensure that we are here when you want to visit please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment or find out the general hours for that week.

    This is a fun way to connect for those who like a more intentional shopping experience!

  • Flood Clothing Mobile Booth

    This is what the traveling Flood store looks like! You can spot in various cities in the on West Coast and in Portland too. If you want to know when you my spot this booth in a city near you keep up with the traveling shows on the events section of the website. There you will find a list of the all the cities and show that you can find Flood Clothing throughout the year.


    • Oregon Winterfest- Bend, OR February 13th-15th
    • Best of The Northwest Spring Festival- Seattle, WA March 28th-29th
    • Folk Life Festical- Seattle, WA May 22nd-25th
    • Bellevue Arts Museum Fair- Bellevue, WA July 24th-26th
    • Portland Saturday Market
      Portland, OR
    • Booty Land Kids
      Seattle, WA
    • Urban Waxx
      Portland, OR
    • Glance Spa and Salon
      Bismarck, North Dakota
    • The Fiddlehead Gallery
      416 G St Anchorage, AK (Downtown)
      99501 907-258-2787
    • Utopia
      Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Molly's of Leland
      Leland, Michigan
    • Swank Salon
      Huntley, Montana
    • Posh Nails
      Billings, Montana
    • Celestial Sphere Imports
      Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada

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