About Flood Clothing

* In dedication to both of my Grandmothers — I wouldn't be doing this without them!
Flood Clothing is a Portland Oregon-based company. Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind, wearable art - Each piece whether it be a hat or garment, is made using 100% upcycled clothing and is entirely unique.

The source fabric, (aka second-hand clothing!) is found in two ways: by the pound from local Goodwills OR at my favorite second-hand store The Deseret Industries. It is all washed and dried to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the source fiber. This means that when you wash and dry your garment, it will not shrink.

Flood Clothing was started by myself – Nicole Flood. First and foremost, I wanted to create clothing that stood out from the rest of the fashion world~ clothing that allows people to feel good about themselves; just as they are. Clothing that inspires curiosity and love. Ultimately I see my clothing as TRANSFORMATIVE on every level. Transforming secondhand clothing into something entirely new, and transforming the frequency of the person wearing my clothing.

Using upcycled clothing instead of new fabric to make my work engages and harnesses my creativity – and also leaves me feeling good about making clothing out of 100% sustainable sources.

All of my clothing and hats are made by hand, one at a time with complete loving intention. Each piece is truly like a painting that you can wear into the world. The loving life force that is woven into each garment or hat – is physically felt when you wear it. This feeling is what sets it apart from mass-produced clothing.

Thank you for your support. The planet thanks you for making a conscious choice to be more mindful about what you consume.