Every clothing company has their own versions of what sizes mean to them. Please keep in mind that the following information is given for a great foundation for how the garments will fit.

Flood Clothing primarily consists of knitwear (stretchy fabrics) which means that there is more flexibility with each garment. Because each piece is made using fabrics from up to 6 different garments, there is always a possibility two garments made in the exact same size will have two different fits. If you have any questions regarding the fit of a specific garment, please send an e-mail to info@FloodClothing.com with the name of the piece for more information. Flood Clothing does make clothing in smaller and plus sizes. If you would like clothing made in a custom size please send an e-mail to customorders@FloodClothing.com.

For Women's Clothing:

 XS TOPS: Will fit sizes 2-6
SMALL TOPS: Will fit sizes 6-8
MEDIUM TOPS: Will fit sizes 8-10
LARGE TOPS: Will fit sizes 10-14
XS DRESSES: Will fit sizes 2-6
SMALL DRESSES: Will fit sizes 6-8
MEDIUM DRESSES: Will fit sizes 8-10
LARGE DRESSES: Will fit sizes 10-14
LARGE PANTS/SKIRTS: Will fit sizes 14-18

For Mens Clothing:

The Mens clothing is pretty straight forward.

Tops come in sizes SMALL-LARGE and fit traditionally.

Mens pants are currently offered in 31" 32" 34" waist sizes. All pants are made in a 34" length by default. When ordering mens pants, please make a note on your order of what inseam you need so they can be altered to your correct inseam measurement.